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Find a treasure in your grandmother's attic, is it still possible?

Most of us have already heard about the stories relating these painting masterpieces found in a pile of dusty, left-for-dead objects, and eventually sold millions in auctions that gather the greatest merchants of art. We all think that this type of fairytale doesn't happen but to a few handful of lucky fellows around the world. Well, to be honest, this is true. You must not expect to find a Picasso or a Rembrandt in your grandmother'attic, but nothing prevents you from searching!

Indeed, many valuable objects can be found in the debarras of basements or attics of our houses or appartments, and it may bring you a significative amount of money to find them and to sell them. Actually, vintage is fairly high-fashion nowadays, and it might surprise you how easily you might find a buyer for an object you would have sent to the bin without any kind of hesitation.

Know what to look for

First of all, you have to be able to recognize the values that lie in the objects you may find. In that purpose, you should carefully observe what is to sell on the different web medias, to reinforce your knowledge in terms of antiques and vintage objects.

I advise you create an Instagram account, for those of you who don't have one yet, and that you start following some professionals of antique selling, such as Selency. You will quickly get an accurate idea of what is valuable, and what is disposable on the market of the old stuffs.

Do not hesitate to ask every question you may have directly to the community managers of the accounts. You would be surprised to see how many of them would respond you and how fast they would do it.

Once you have gathered enough knowledge, you're ready to go find your treasures!

How to find a potential value

First, you need to know where to look for these objects. As I said in my introduction, your family's places are your first great opportunities to find a treasure. If you have elders around you, ask them gently if they grant you the permission to explore their storage rooms (garages, attics, basement, yarns, and so on). Do not hesitate to explain what you're doing, and promise to share the jackpot, if you stumble upon some marvelous sculpture of a very famous artist, it might help getting an authorization from a grumpy grandfather.

Once you have access to the debarras, you must put your gloves on, and start warming-up. You will, in effect, most likely have to move and remove a lot of pieces of furniture in order to access to all the spots that need to be explored. You will most probably sweat a lot, and you shall have to face many dangers, like spider webs, or noises of mices running along the roof. But if you survive this, no doubt that you will find at least one interesting vintage object.

Learn to restaure it, and you will make a nice amount of money. Use all the knowledge you gathered through the internet to sell it, and you will really enjoy yourself and want to do it over and over again.

Find a professionnal to help you if you do not wish to make the search yourself. It may be handy and you might benefit from the experience of a real antiquaire or debarrasseur, as we call them in France. This solution would also give you cash money on the spot, as the professionals will buy everything directly. You won't have to bother with online selling and sending packages through the world to get your money.

In the end, I encourage you to spend some time looking for treasures. It will be a good opportunity to visit your elders more often, and to make this funnier. They might even participate to the treasure quest with you, who knows!

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